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Yaguar Fiesta 50g
Yaguar Fiesta 50g
Yaguar Fiesta 50g
Yaguar Fiesta 50g
Yaguar Fiesta 50g
Yaguar Fiesta 50g
Yaguar Fiesta 50g
Yaguar Fiesta 50g

Yaguar Fiesta 50g

  • Yaguar Fiesta 50 g is a Brazilian yerba mate full of fruit ingredients in perfectly selected proportions. It contains a lot of caffeine and has a mild taste. Recommended for beginners and advanced!
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Yaguar Fiesta is the highest quality yerba mate produced in accordance with the centuries-old South American tradition. It is made of ilex grown in a diverse ecosystem without the use of pesticides, artificial fertilizers and chemical plant protection products. After harvest, the leaves and sticks undergo a traditional process of drying using smoke. Yaguar, however, is far from products known for their strongly bitter accents. All thanks to the long period of maturing (maturing), which is as much as 18 months. The dried fruit then becomes noble and the various plant elements harmonize perfectly. Despite its mild taste, yerba has a high content of natural caffeine.

Yaguar Fiesta is a delicious fruity yerba mate, which in almost 1/5 consists of ingredients of natural origin in perfectly balanced proportions. In addition to the mild, long-seasoned yerba mate leaves, the mix also includes strawberry fruit with a wonderful sweet taste. It is contrasted with refreshing mint and lemongrass with a slightly sour character. The whole is accompanied by rose petals. Their floral scent is a great binder of all ingredients used in the mixture. Yaguar Fiesta guarantees a large dose of caffeine in a wonderful, unique flavor coating. Due to the perfect balance and lack of overly intense notes, yerba will appeal to both beginners and advanced mateists. We recommend!



Additional info:

Net weight : 50 g

Manufactured for : Venusti Sp. z o.o.

Country of Origin : Brazil

Preparation method : Pour water at a temperature not higher than 80 ° C.

Best before : expiry date and batch number on the package.

Store in a cool and dry place

Visit the official website of the brand.

50g [swe]
Ytterligare information
Produkten kan innehålla jordnötter, nötter och spannmål som innehåller gluten.
Mängden damm i yerba mate
låg mängd damm
Styrka av yerba mate
medelhög stimulans (3/5)
Bitterhet av yerba mate
balanserad yerba mate, med märkbar bitterhet (3/5)
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